Soccer/Sports and Social Program

Soccer, Gaelic Games, Volleyball, Swimming and more..

This is a Soccer/Sports and Social Program, similar to the English Program, however the English learning takes place through football and sports activities.

The program involves a lot of interaction with local children. It also has a full afternoon, evening and weekend of activities (including excursions to Dublin and Cork City).

The Hello Ireland English and Social Program comprises of:

  • Two full day excursions per week (each Saturday we visit an Adventure/activity centre and each Sunday we undertake a full day excursion to one of the other Cities (Dublin, Cork).
  • One half day excursion per week.

That is FOUR full day plus TWO half day excursions in a two week period.

  • Opportunity to undertake a high level soccer sports program incorporates all elements of high performance within their chosen sport.
  • Fully qualified teachers, coaches and activity leaders.

  • Interaction with local teenagers in a Social setting and through activity.

  • Modern Sports Facilities in our multi million euro facility at WIT Arena.

  • Regular interaction through coaching with local teenagers pursuing the same sport.