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English and Social Activity Program

The Hello Ireland English and Social Program comprises of:

  • Two full day excursions per week (each Saturday we visit an Adventure/activity centre and each Sunday we undertake a full day excursion to one of the other Cities (Dublin, Cork).
  • One half day excursion per week.

That is FOUR full day plus TWO half day excursions in a two week period.

  • Minimum of 16 hours of English on our language course.
  • Fully qualified teachers, coaches and activity leaders.

  • Interaction with local teenagers in a social setting and through activity.

  • Modern Sports Facilities in our multi million euro facility at WIT Arena.

The Aim of our Summer program is to develop communication skills in an English speaking fun filled environment where the focus is on developing confidence and social skills through interaction and communication with students from many different cultural backgrounds.

  • Classes take place Monday to Friday.
  • Students are divided into 4 groups with similar levels of students in each group. Class sizes are to a maximum of 15 students with average class size of 12.

  • All teachers are fully qualified degree holders with TEFL Certification.

  • We ensure that there is a minimum of one Irish Student Ambassador (teenager) with each class to enhance the learning experience.